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How do we build our confidence?

I seem to be spending a lot of my coaching hours partnering my clients during their journey to a place of confidence. So many individuals assume that leaders are confident. It's not true. So many leaders are managers because they have years of experience and knowledge in their field, but this does not mean they are confident leaders.

If you are Junior or Mid-level career, then think about this next time you approach your boss - it may just help you to approach them without feeling so nervous.

If you are a leader and need to increase your confidence then here's what you can do :

1 Identify which specific areas you lack confidence in and what needs to change and if it is a knowledge gap think about training and if it's a soft skill then there is help out there too.

2 Think of past experiences which may have knocked your confidence

3 Think about times when you have been confident and identify what the factors were which contributed to this confidence

4 What are your strengths and figure out how you can play to those to increase your confidence

Finally, don't struggle alone, talk it through with your boss and if you are at the top of the organisation then find an Executive Coach who can partner you in the process - it really is that easy.

Don't forget coaches also have to work on our confidence and self- development all the time, so we really do empathise and understand the struggles.

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