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My own journey of Transformation and how coaching partners you through change

I decided to make the biggest career change ever after spending New Year's Eve alone with Covid-19 two years ago. I wasn't looking forward to being alone when all my friends and family were out celebrating, but it actually turned out to be the most fruitful and enjoyable evening I had spent in a long time - also helped by the fact that my taste and smell came back the same morning so I was able to enjoy a half-bottle of champagne & a few oysters!

Why was this evening so lifechanging?

Because I had finally allowed myself time to evaluate where I was in my career and what transformation I wanted.

After finding a coach I first of all discovered what my personal values were, which had actually changed over the years, and this really helped me identify what needed to be different in my life.

We then spent time in the sessions visualising what my life would be like after the changes -which made it all seem real, not as scary as I imagined and more to the point achievable. I then put together a realistic and timely plan which I followed rigorously, and at the same time during the sessions I worked through my concerns, whilst all the time increasing in confidence. Having someone to partner me in the process made such a difference.

It wasn't always easy and this year I've had to work harder than ever and make some sacrifices, but I am finally doing what I love most - helping people in a way which also incorporates all my own personal values and with the right work/ life balance.

I would love to hear from anyone who is thinking about making a big change. By talking it through with a coach, your dream can actually become your reality.

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