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About Heather Bellin, founder of 4C Executive Coaching


Heather has exceptional business acumen, and is genuinely business oriented. She is 100% committed to the individuals and teams she works with and communicates with everyone at ease. She is a quick learner, and she is very effective at giving complete feedback to the people she works with. 

On a personal level, she is recognised and admired for being authentic, independent and with a refined sense of humour which are her three core values. She can bring out the best in you before even starting to work on your skillset. In a nutshell, she makes things happen. On top of that, she is a genuine, humble person. She is respectful, has an engaging positive attitude and also has a sharp sense of humour. She has an eye for detail and she knows exactly what is right out there.  Another feature which stands out is her uncanny ability to communicate fluently in several languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish). This talent has enabled her to successfully integrate into multinational trading organisations and to coach individuals across the globe. In addition, she is a great listener, and always shows empathy, which has helped to build equity in the relationships she has developed over the years. 

Heather is passionate about helping others, and she does it with the utmost dedication. She has worked as a voluntary bereavement counsellor, and now as an executive coach, assisting each individual in their personal and professional journey and allowing them to achieve their objectives. The personal and professional challenges she has overcome are a testament to her dedication, agile thinking and determination. These are the same qualities that have enabled her to be a successful athlete and to become a pilot and motorboat captain. From a very young age, she was appointed captain of a lacrosse team and a county player in England. Like a talented, high performance athlete who perseveres, she strives for excellence.

She holds:

Bachelors Degree International Business Studies, French & Spanish 

Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching at the prestigious Henley Business School 

In 2024 she became an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a Practitioner with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Heather Bellin, founder of 4C Consulting, which provides HR consultancy, career and personal development coaching, and image consultancy.

Heather Bellin, founder of 4C Executive Coaching

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