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Executive leadership coaching 

As a CEO, C suite member or senior manager you will be partnered in a supportive and trustworthy environment, and providing you are courageous, honest and disciplined, you will be challenged to think differently, to explore new and better ways of leading and making decisions. You will be partnered to work on your specific objectives and ultimately achieve optimal performance.

Get in touch if you:

  • Are working towards a specific goal and need to step up your game

  • Want to delegate and communicate differently and have greater impact 

  • Want to become emotionally intelligent and be the leader who everyone aspires to be

  • Feel the imposter syndrome is creeping in and need to boost your confidence as a leader

  • Don't have any specific challenge but want to become the best version of yourself 

Want to know more? 

Get in touch for a  60 minute, complimentary consultation.

Commodity Trading & Shipping professionals:

I have worked with professionals in the Commodity Trading & Shipping sector for over 14 years providing coaching and career development.

Find out more

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Build your plan of action

Together we will look at your current situation, your desired outcome and enable you to create a plan of action steps to take to get closer to your goal. 

Grow your confidence

You will be challenged on your existing beliefs and mindset, you will learn to overcome obstacles which will increase your confidence and enhance your performance.

Become the best leader

With the help of various tools and cognitive behavioural techniques you will be partnered in an environment of trust and safety and you will be challenged in a way which enables you to play to your strengths, increase your emotional intelligence and to adopt new and better ways to think and behave.


You will increase your confidence as a leader and learn how to better delegate, communicate, motivate others and make decisions.

Find your purpose

Even the best leaders sometimes get lost. You will be able to work on your core values and purpose and be partnered in the transition process towards aligning your career with those values.

I have known Heather for many years. She stands out for her professionalism and close connection to businesses and individuals she is working with. Highly dynamic, she is a great listener who excels at engaging with people seeking to enhance their performance.

Heather has been coaching me for almost 9 months, and I have found our sessions tremendously valuable.

Her approach is very methodical which is hugely helpful for me - in every session there has been a clear focus on what I want to get out of it, and tangible next steps agreed at the end, which I can work on to take steps towards it. We review progress at the start of every new session to ensure I am on track, or to review and find alternate solutions.

She always makes sure to fully understand my challenges in real depth, and is therefore able to provide incredibly practical support. Heather is an absolutely fantastic listener and I can't recommend working with her highly enough, I certainly will be and look forward to the continued results!

Anyone wishing to explore challenging career developments or big changes to mindset - do not hesitate to contact Heather, I cannot recommend her enough. I reached out and asked for a little help not knowing if being coached was for me and I received the warmest most engaging and positive response. I gained so much from Heather’s vast experience and can definitely confirm I would not be on my current path and in such a strong place had I not worked with Heather over the last few months. Thank you Heather.

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