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How do CEOs in Trading & Shipping drive sustainable performance in today's uncertain environment? 

At the top of your list is probably your team.

How do you build a strong, aligned leadership team that you can trust, motivate, develop, and empower - and retain the best people and drive performance forward? ​Your human touch is your secret weapon!

Develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE or EQ is what can transform you from a good to a great leader and one which can deliver huge transformation and brilliant results across your organisation.

The CEOs I work with know that:

  • Annual bonuses alone are not enough to engage and motivate employees sufficiently and consistently

  • There are increased threats of competition from other sectors due to concerns around environmental impact and greater demand for more sustainable energy sources

  • They are impacted by new sanctions, new regulations and the need to invest in new technologies

  • They need to urgently address issues relating to ESG, sustainability and cybersecurity

  • Attracting and retaining great talent is becoming a real challenge in a post-Covid world and Generation Z have different demands and expectations from the world of work

  • The threats and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence require leaders to be flexible, tuned in and constantly innovating

  • Professionals in the industry are lacking trust and demotivated 

Contact me for a free training video to develop your EQ:

CEO coaching 

As a Professional Certified Executive Coach, with 25 years in management including 15 years as head of HR in Commodity Trading, I’ve already solved the problems you’re facing.

You will be partnered in a supportive and trustworthy environment, and providing you are courageous, honest and disciplined, you will be challenged to think differently, to explore new and better ways of leading and making decisions. You will be partnered to work on your specific objectives and ultimately achieve optimal performance.

Get in touch if you:

  • Are working towards a specific goal and need to step up your game

  • Want to delegate and communicate differently and have greater impact 

  • Want to become emotionally intelligent and be the leader who everyone aspires to be

  • Feel the imposter syndrome is creeping in and need to boost your confidence as a leader

  • Don't have any specific challenge but want to become the best version of yourself 

Want to know more? 

Get in touch for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

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